Puerto Vallarta Authorities Maintain Order Outside the Church of Guadalupe

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The authorities of Puerto Vallarta have implemented measures for the suspension of the Guadalupan festivities from December 1 to 12.

The presence of police and road agents was noted, as well as civil protection and firemen of the municipality who have thus managed to avoid massive concentrations of people around the Catholic Church. 

The entities of inspection and regulations is in charge of taking care of the restrictions of commercial activities in the center of the city. Likewise, from December 1 to 31, an operation will be maintained to prevent the sale and burning of pyrotechnics by the Public Safety and Roads Department, in coordination with the Inspection and Regulations Department in neighborhoods, commercial plazas, and roads, as well as the follow-up and attention to citizen reports on the sale of fireworks. 


 On the other hand, from December 21 to January 10, during the winter vacation period, the surveillance operation will be established to attend the arrival of visitors through coordinated actions between Public Safety and Municipal Roads, with surveillance in streets and avenues, beaches, shopping centers, El Pitillal delegation, and other areas of the municipality.

The Civil Protection and Fire Department will establish different points for the attention of emergencies during the whole vacation period from its Central Base, Gaviotas Base, Joyas Base, and Ixtapa Base, as well as in the beach areas with lifeguards and prevention routes in the boardwalk. 


Similarly, on the occasion of the celebrations of the end of the year, permanent surveillance will be maintained at the main concentration points, such as the seawall, to avoid the massive presence of people before, during, and after the celebration. Public Safety and Municipal Roads will monitor the main arteries of the city and alternate routes of transit of private vehicles and public transport.