Puerto Vallarta Beach Cleanup Campaign Kicks Off

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Volunteer groups and authorities join efforts

Prior to the Easter, Easter and summer vacation season, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta will be cleaned by volunteer groups and authorities, in a joint effort in favor of the environment.

The inaugural act of the water bodies cleaning campaign was attended by a group of students from the 7th grade of the Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Jalisco (COBAEJ), led by its director, teacher Jorge Armando Ibarra Morales, who enthusiastically carried out cleaning actions on Camarones beach.

The event was attended by councilwoman Sara Mosqueda Torres, representing the mayor of the city, accompanied by the president of the Puerto Vallarta DIF system, Maria de Jesus Lopez Delgado; councilmen Jose Rodriguez Gonzalez and Christian Eduardo Alonso Robles.

She acknowledged those who gathered to support these actions that benefit all living beings in our environment.

"They are important to give back to the universe everything it gives us, and it is wonderful that this is done in conjunction with the educational sector, promoting respect and care for the environment."


Vania Daniela, a COBAEJ student, pointed out that "we proudly support the cleaning of our beaches, because we want to encourage the responsible participation of all citizens and help with the ecological problems that Puerto Vallarta is experiencing".

And she added: "Today we are starting the cleaning of the following beaches: Camarones, Tranquila, Las Glorias, Los Tules, Boca de Tomates, Holiday Inn and the Paso del Guayabo and Pitillal rivers".

The municipal authorities emphasized that they are promoting various ecological awareness projects, so this campaign aims to raise awareness among the population about the importance of keeping clean our most beautiful resource, which are the beaches, the sea and the rivers, so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

In this case, it was sought that it was not only a campaign of the authority but one that actively included society, highlighting on this occasion the enthusiasm of these young people and their teachers, to prevent garbage from reaching the sea and polluting our bay.

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