Puerto Vallarta Conducted a Drill Yesterday

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Hundreds of tourists participated in the evacuacion of hotels in the hotel zone and in the condominious of the Gran Venetian

Authorities recognize the importance of taking precautions in case of disasters.

Yesterday Vallarta participated in a National Drill, where several hotels and condominiums in the hotel zone of this city carried out this activity. With the objective of preparing and raising awareness among the population for any natural phenomenon that may occur in the Port, the municipal government presided by Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, joined the National Evacuation Drill 2021 this Monday. Tourists and residents participated in this exercise at the sound of the emergency alarm, they began the process of evacuation of buildings and condominiums, where thousands of people such as employees, and foreigners quickly left the buildings and hotels to participate in this drill, which was carried out with all the necessary measures, was developed in an orderly and successful manner.

Hundreds of people evacuated the buildings and concentrated in a certain area, the evacuation time from the sonar alarm was three minutes and 10 seconds. Authorities stated that with this type of activities the points to improve are observed, as well as the organization, but above all contribute to promote the culture of civil protection, not only in employees but as citizens and tourists who are in the facilities of hotels, condominiums, and companies. Highlighting the progress Puerto Vallarta has made, he has worked on modifying the Municipal Regulation of Civil Protection to provide better legislation to all companies, since it is important to put it into practice in order to know the needs and observe the weak points to improve them in this case of risks.

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