Puerto Vallarta Cruise Ship Shelter

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Cruise ships receive services and supplies and have taken the opportunity to disembark and embark crew members.


In the last few days Puerto Vallarta has once again become a refuge for international cruise ships, as the Integral Port Administration (API) provides all the port services and supplies that the ships need to be able to keep operating at sea or at berth, while waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to pass.


In addition, port, health, customs, and immigration authorities have provided all possible facilities for cruise ships to disembark and load crew members in recent days. Thus, last December 10th, the Grand Princess International Cruise arrived at the local maritime terminal and is scheduled to stay in Puerto Vallarta until next Thursday, December 17th. 


The ship received all the port services and the support of the respective authorities for the disembarkation of five crew members, out of a total of 129 crew members with whom it arrived in Puerto Vallarta last week. 


The cruise ship arrived at the local maritime terminal in the early morning from the port of Balboa, Panama. It had the security protocol from authorities such as International Health, Migration, Customs, and the National Service of Health, Innocuousness and Agrifood Quality (SENASICA.) A free "Talk" was held to verify, among other things, the health of the crew in order to issue the authorizations. 


With this, the protocols and prophylactic measures implemented by the health authorities within the framework of the coronavirus pandemic will be complied with and followed up, after the API Vallarta works as a primary link to receive the cruise ship, offering the essential services that are its responsibility for the attention of the international maritime transport. 



Later last Friday, December 11, Puerto Vallarta received the Koningsdam cruise ship, belonging to the Holland American Line, with no passengers-tourists on board. Only 131 crew members are on board for the operation and functioning of the ship coming from the Port of Balboa, Panama.


During its stay in the Port, the ship was provided with the main port services, in addition to the support for the disembarkation of 11 crew members and the embarkation of one more. It should be noted that this cruise ship had already come to the port before and was one of the main cruise ships that provided support for the exchange of crew members from other cruise ships of the same line, and from other shipping companies to carry out the so-called "Humanitarian Bridge" in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 


The cruise ship is scheduled to depart for the port of San Diego, California.


Finally, last Sunday, December 13, the international cruise ship Nieuw Amsterdam arrived at the local maritime terminal, docking at pier number three.


The MS Nieuw Amsterdam is a signature class cruise ship of the Holland American Line, and was built by Fincantieri at their shipyard in Marghera, Italy. It is the second largest ship in the Holland American Line fleet. It should be noted that last Sunday, while this cruise ship was berthed at pier three, the other ships Grand Princess and Koningsdam remained at anchor in the waters of Banderas Bay.