Puerto Vallarta Goes Downwards In COVID Cases

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First day in six months with no infections or deaths by the coronavirus.


 Calls for health sector not to lower its guard on health measures by COVID-19. Last Monday, November 2nd, for the first time in six months, Puerto Vallarta registered zero infections of coronavirus and zero deaths. According to the official report of the Jalisco Secretary of Health, last May 10th had been the last day with zero infections of COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta, and only one death due to this disease had been reported. According to the state agency, Puerto Vallarta has registered a continuous decrease in coronavirus infections since the second half of August, when a total of 965 positive cases of the disease and 55 cases of death were counted. However, the state agency warns that this does not mean that we should lower our guard or neglect the preventive health measures against the coronavirus among the population, since on the contrary, now is when preventive actions should be reinforced to guarantee that the drop is maintained. Last night, the Secretary of Health of Jalisco reported 16 more infections and 3 deaths in Puerto Vallarta. This tourist destination has a total of 25 positive cases and three deaths so far this month of November. SANITARY MEASURES The Secretary of Health, Jalisco, reported that in the first seventy-two hours after the emergency button was activated, the great majority of Jalisco residents complied with the provisions of this mechanism and few reports were received by the various municipal and health authorities regarding disrespect. As for the restrictions on operating hours, warnings and closures were limited to a few turns, since businessmen and traders are complying with the restrictions .