Puerto Vallarta Is An Important Generator Of Foreign Currency And Wealth In Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta is part of a select list of municipalities in Mexico that produce greater wealth through tourism. The tourist activity is rebounding and it is expected that this winter it will continue to generate resources that will reach the entire population. 


The list, published by the Federal Tourism Ministry, indicates the destinations that, according to the methodology of Mexico's tourism regionalization model, generate greater resources due to the arrival of national and foreign visitors. The relation is the result of a statistical processing of the so-called Economic Census 2019, that is, the Tourism Satellite Account, among other measuring instruments of the organisms Inegi, Coneval, Sedatu, Conapo and Pnud.

 Puerto Vallarta, located in the fifth place on the list, stands out for leading the recovery of the country's tourist destinations, according to indicators such as the increase in the number of flights, hotel occupancy, the reopening of tourist services, the consolidation of family and leisure segments, among others, and above all the implementation of biosecurity measures, which generate trust in travelers.

 With a hotel offer of more than 200 hotel establishments of all categories, more than 22 thousand hotel rooms, a wide gastronomic offer, and more than a hundred tourist activities to be carried out in the open air. Puerto Vallarta leads the attraction of visitors to the Mexican Pacific, an offer permanently spread by the Fideicomiso de Promoción y Publicidad Turística de Puerto Vallarta. 

Regarding the interpretation of this list, Alejandro Aguilera Gomez, head of the Unit of International Affairs and Cooperation of the federal Ministry of Tourism, has informed that the investigation shows that tourist destinations have a leading role in the integration of the national territory. 

The official highlighted that in the municipalities of the list, large amounts of investment are channeled, which are due to market dynamics, a greater income and therefore consumption is concentrated, besides presenting a greater natural vocation to absorb new technological developments.