Puerto Vallarta is First Municipality in Jalisco Applying the Second Dose of Vaccine

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With the second dose arriving in Puerto Vallarta, the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus initiated in the last days of February for this tourist destination is under completion. 

The Secretary of Health of Jalisco (SSI) informed this Sunday that starting tomorrow, Tuesday April 6, the application of the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine will begin for older adults of the municipality who have already received the first dose. 

Fernando Petersen Aranguren, head of the SSI, detailed in a video that 21,580 doses will be destined for stage-2 vaccinations in Puerto Vallarta. The state official also made a call for only those who have already received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine to attend. "We remind you that if you have received any other vaccine, please do not come because we cannot cross vaccines of one brand to another," Petersen Aranguren said. 


The Secretary of Jalisco informed that in Guadalajara the vaccination against Covid-19 for adults over 60 years of age culminated its three phases with 152,548 doses applied to this sector of the population. Of this number of doses applied, 52,216 corresponded to the first phase, and 100,332 to the second and third phases of vaccination in the state capital, providing protection to one of the sectors of the population most vulnerable to the disease. After exhausting all the appointments scheduled by the Secretary of Welfare of the Mexican Government and extending the call to all the people who could not attend their appointment, regardless of the first letter of their last name, 4,022 doses were sent to the Central Warehouse for safekeeping so that the federal government could decide their allocation. It is important to note that the Sinovac vaccine can remain refrigerated for up to six months at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.