Puerto Vallarta Jumps to Fame in USA

Photo Credit: Rony Ray

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Reporters and television hosts from the United States recognize the magic of this place.

Puerto Vallarta appeared on important television stations of the United States that showed the natural beauties of this Puerto Vallarta that they like so much. For this reason several television programs of that country, especially from the California area, where conductors and reporters highlighted in special capsules the natural attractions of this place. Luis Villaseñor Nolasco, director of the Public for Tourism Promotion and Publicity in Puerto Vallarta, shared in his social networks that this beach destination of the Mexican Pacific "had a great exposure on premium uy in the United States in key markets for the destination". It published that Gabe Saglie, senior editor of TravelZoo, included the capsules promoting the port at no cost to the local Tourism Promotion Trust. The capsules "all talk about the destination, which is very friendly with ecotourism, ex patriots, security, biosecurity, gastronomy, activities, etc.; they are more than 20 minutes on the air through different programs. It was a great opportunity to promote Puerto Vallarta in the upcoming season".

He also detailed the companies and programs that gave this important promotion to Puerto Vallarta, among which are KTLA in Los Angeles: I Wanna Getaway: Exploring Puerto Vallarta, KTLAFox 2 Detroit: Gabe Saglie from Travelzoo shows us some vacation deals in Mexico (fox2detroit.com), KMAX Sacramento: Travel Zoo (cbslocal.com), The Rhode Show, WPRI Providence: Travel deals to snag now for a trip to sunny Mexico and WPRI.c.

CAPSULES FROM PUERTO VALLARTA And indeed, in the videos published in his social networks you can see the capsules broadcasted in the United States, in English language and where the following are highlighted Puerto Vallarta as a tourist destination, its climate, its people, its hotel and tourist services, as well as the wide gastronomic offer in the north, in the south and in Marina Vallarta. Particularly, in one of these sections, which present 5 to 6 minute capsules, Gabe Saglie talks about the delicious tacos of carne asada, adobada and pastor with cilantro, onion, beans and salsa, accompanied with fresh water; he even talks about the carnitas tacos sold in front of the Santa Cruz church, in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

He also highlights the tasty ceviche and shrimp tostadas, accompanied by a good tequila, mezcal or raicilla, either in its reposado or añejo presentation. It is worth mentioning that in each of the capsules broadcasted there are aerial and land images of Puerto Vallarta, from the Los Muertos area to Marina Vallarta, passing through the northern hotel zone, including the release of sea turtle hatchlings, whale and giant manta ray watching, as well as the sea and the beach with an extraordinary sunny weather.

MORE PROMOTION IN CONVENTIONS MAGAZINE In addition, Luis Villaseñor Nolasco informed that "now, for the meetings tourism segment, as an added value with the Conventions magazine, an advertorial of the destination was included about its accelerated recovery in events". He added that this magazine reaches more than 75 thousand digital impacts, including meeting planners, travel managers, incentive planners, wedding planners, wholesale and retail agencies in Mexico and LATAM