Puerto Vallarta Naval Zone Hospital Successfully Carried Out the Application of the Pfizer Vaccine

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Yesterday morning, Thursday February 25th, the population of adults over 60 years of age began to arrive at the facilities of the Zona Naval Hospital in Puerto Vallarta to receive the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19, from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

From very early in the morning people with a very good and patient attitude waited to be appointed for the application of the vaccine against Covid from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, as health personnel welcomed them and initiated the process with great success. In an interview for Vallarta Today, the Commander of the Naval Health Service and director of the Puerto Vallarta Naval Hospital, surgeon and urologist Carlos Pisano Ramirez, stated regarding the reception of the vaccines "We received 1,200 doses and next week we were told that more will arrive on Monday, apparently 980 doses will arrive. In other words this will continue. We are grateful for the preference of the population, but the ones we have are the ones we will be able to give out.” 

“For some reason it was circulated in social networks that the process started on Wednesday and it did not, that is why we had to quickly implement a pre-registration to give them information, to take their data, and to be able to put a little order so that they could come on a date and at a time that they would have the least discomfort, especially because of the sun, since we cannot allow the elderly to get too much sun to avoid the effects of heat stroke.” 

We noticed a large number of North American foreigners in the place to which Captain Carlos Pisano answered, “As we well know in the state of Jalisco, in Ajijic and here in Puerto Vallarta there is a large community of foreigners who are residents and therefore they have their documentation and are being attended, and since we are perhaps the closest hospital where they reside that is why they came here. But everyone is being attended, there is no distinction. If we can attend to everyone who comes here, we do it, it is a zero rejection policy. Right now the limitation is what we mentioned about the doses, but we are already telling the people that there are 14 other centers where they can go, and when we have more we will gladly attend to them. We are already making arrangements to see if they will send us more, and as soon as more arrive we will make them available to the people.”

Regarding the process of applying the vaccine, he said; “We have to verify that they comply with the medical conditions, that there is no contraindication to apply the biological vaccine. Then we proceed to apply the biological vaccine and they stay half an hour in observation to make sure they do not have any adverse reaction, and above all any allergic reaction, and so far we have not had any. If there is any, we take care of it and we have equipment for pre-hospital care, and if it is required to admit them to the emergency room or hospitalization without any problem we do it, and when the process is finished if there is no problem the people can go home.”


At the end he gave a message to the population, he mentioned that “it is important that the people have the confidence that they will be given support and that this is just beginning, more doses will continue to arrive to support them, we hope that soon we will receive more.” As to whether there will be personnel from the American consulate, he remarked "so far we have not had any communication with anyone from the consulate.” The medical staff of the Naval hospital successfully concluded the process as a result of an excellent coordination, organization, and exhaustive hygiene measures for the application of the biologic.

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