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Puerto Vallarta Optimized Public Services

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Six Years of Management

The concession was recovered and the garbage collection service was made more efficient; in addition to the new slaughterhouse and the city's lighting with LED technology are just some of the main actions taken.

After six years of administration, the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta, headed by Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, has made history in the improvement of public services, as a result of a series of works and actions that have been carried out with financial discipline and order in the administration of public resources. Among the main actions, it is worth mentioning the recovery of the collection concession from a private company, since for many months the streets of t

e city and its neighborhoods were flooded with garbage, generating not only a public health problem but also a bad image for this tourist destination.
In these six years, this problem was solved, and 36 new garbage collection trucks were acquired, which currently collect garbage 365 days a year, thus providing a more efficient collection service for the citizens. Likewise, a new cell was installed in the "El Gavilán" sanitary landfill, which will give it a capacity of 15 years more for the deposit of the garbage generated daily in the city. The transfer plant was also built, which has made the collection service more efficient throughout the municipality. In this sense, the municipal government complied with providing public services that take care of the health of Vallarta residents and visitors, as well as the environment. On the other hand, the new municipal slaughterhouse was built, which has improved the service to producers and introducers; machinery was acquired for the area of parks and gardens to attend more efficiently the cleaning of public spaces and green areas of the municipality, in addition to illuminating the city and the main avenues with LED technology, among many other actions.