Puerto Vallarta Received The First Covid-19 Vaccines

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This Wednesday morning they arrived by air and escorted by the National Guard. The doses were escorted by elements of the National Guard, the Mexican Navy, and the Mexican Army and delivered to public hospitals in Puerto Vallarta.


In the early morning of this Wednesday, the first vaccines against the coronavirus arrived by air to Puerto Vallarta, escorted by elements of the National Guard, of the Mexican Navy, and the Mexican Army. The doses were delivered to the different hospitals of the health sector in the municipality. 

The packages with the first vaccines were delivered to those responsible for each of the hospitals in the port's health sector, including the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSI), the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), the State Workers' Social Security and Services Institute (ISSSTE) and the Naval Zone. 

The packages arrived on Tuesday night in Guadalajara, so that in the early hours of Wednesday they were distributed in the state capital and in Puerto Vallarta by air. At eight o'clock in the morning the protocol of identification and registration of data of those who were going to be vaccinated began and at nine o'clock the doses were applied. The regional hospital received 330 doses.

 Afterwards, the medical personnel were under observation for half an hour, and the National Guard personnel were on duty. In 21 days, the second dose will be applied. The ISSSTE clinic in Puerto Vallarta informed that 135 doses were received at the nosocomial which will be applied to the doctors and nurses of this institution.