Pyrotechnics Are Burned Without The Governor's Authorization

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Municipal authorities of Puerto Vallarta did not respect Governor Alfaro's order and did light the fireworks.

The order of Governor Enrique Alfaro, who represents the highest authority in the state, was to suspend the activities of the New Year's Eve celebration. To avoid contagions in the population, however, they ignored the order, which could lead to the beginning of the increase of contagions by covid and its variants such as the omicron; after they have also allowed the disembarkation of tourists to the Port. Last night thousands of people walked along the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk, in spite of Governor Alfaro's indications, who gave the order to cancel the New Year's Eve activities, and even a giant screen could be seen in the middle of the boardwalk, where it was announced that the New Year's Eve celebration activities were cancelled. It should be noted that during the pandemic, which in its beginnings already reported cases of infected people, there were always soldiers in the malecon, who did not allow the citizens to pass, but this time they put two access doors, and they were allowed to pass, only checking security measures, but at no time the health measures against covid-19 were taken, such as masks and application of antibacterial.

From a Jalisco Government Video Lice Broadcast on the Malecon

From a Jalisco Government Video Live Broadcast on the Malecon

The new administration headed by Mayor Michel carried out the pyrotechnics on the Malecon, which caused tourists and residents to go to witness the spectacle, where security measures also failed. From very early in the morning there were already long lines to enter the Malecon, authorized by the City Hall, where thousands of tourists from all over the world such as the United States, Canada, Poland, Italy, England and Mexico walked along the Malecon to witness the burning of the fireworks offered by the municipality of Puerto Vallarta.