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Rains a Litmus Test for New Developments

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The collapse that occurred in Amapas will be a determining factor for future constructions.

The new developments that have been built in the southern zone of Puerto Vallarta are being put to the test with the recent rains that have occurred in this Port, since the possible softening of the land will be a determining factor for the constructions that have multiplied so far during the outgoing administration. The subject acquires relevance after the most recent collapse of a part of the hill on Santa Barbara Street in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, in the Amapas zone, in the south of the city. Alfonso Baños, an expert on the subject, commented that he has been warning of the risks of maintaining a policy of minimal planning and very little rigor in urban planning. The recent collapse only illustrates one of the multiple failures that have been committed and unfortunately continue to be committed in different areas of the Port, with special prevalence in the mountainous area in the south of the destination, highly appreciated by urban real estate developers, who calculate profits not urban risks.

ALERTS ARE RAISED The academic expert of the Centro Universitario de la Costa indicated that many alerts have been launched, through academic research, articles in the press, comments in social networks and public consultations to define partial development plans, in which public officials have been shown the risks of the approval of risks in areas susceptible to landslides or floods, in addition to the severe effects on the environment and landscape of this Port, which is one of its tourist riches. Up to now, the authorities of the current administration, in the nine years they were in charge, favored vertical urban development, which radically transformed the image of the typical town in the southern part of downtown, in the colonias Emiliano Zapata Poniente, Amapas and Conchas China Chinas, and although some permits have already been granted or have passed the urban planning filters, it is clear that there are risk factors in addition to the evident alteration of the landscape and the overload in population density, in a very compact area, narrow for the natural limits of the mountain and the sea.