Ready for Vaccination Of Older Adults From February 25 To March 1

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15 vaccination centers will be set up where there will be the presence of the three levels of government for the proper development of the day. 


This Wednesday evening the 21,000 doses against covid-19 will be arriving by air to Puerto Vallarta, which will be applied to the elderly (60 years and older) in Puerto Vallarta, for which a coordinated protocol between the three levels of government is already in place, so that in the five days established, the vaccination goal for this sector can be reached. The details were made known during a virtual press conference in which Mayor Arturo Davalos Peña and the head of the VIII Sanitary Region, Vladimir Atilano Barraza, were in charge of presenting the actions previously approved by the State Health Council to the commander in charge of vaccination in the state.

In this meeting it was announced that the doses corresponding to the Pfizer laboratory, which due to its handling protocols must be applied in a period of five days, will be administered from Thursday, February 25 to Monday, March 1, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, in 15 vaccination points that guarantee the space to accommodate the attendees access, order, and security, as well as proximity to health centers and hospitals.


Dr. Vladimir Atilano Barraza assured that it is a very safe vaccine and provides 95 percent immunity after the second dose. He affirmed that once the vaccine is received, it will be transferred to the cold networks of the different hospital centers, to begin the vaccination on Thursday at the following points: Naval Hospital, Regional Hospital of Puerto Valalrta, General Hospital Zone No.42 of the IMSS, as well as clinics 170 and 179; the ISSSTE Hospital Clinic, the Dome of Ixtapa and the University Center of the Coast (CUC). Also the International Convention Center, the Municipal Administrative Unit (UMA), the Technical High School No.15 (pesquera), the sports center of the Municipal Sports Council in the Bobadilla neighborhood, the Municipal DIF Day Care Center in Aurora, the DIF Training Center in Coapinole and the Remance Health Center.

In each module there will be a medical filter that will do a questionnaire to the elderly to determine if they are eligible to receive the vaccine, in which there will also be staff from the Secretary of Welfare that will make the corresponding registration of the elderly. After the application of the vaccine, the recipient will then go to an observation area for 30 minutes. People must bring their INE and CURP as identification documents, regardless of whether they were previously registered in the federal platform and follow the sanitary measures, such as the use of masks and sanitizing gel, in addition to having eaten food and taken the medications prescribed by their doctors.

The head of the Health Region mentioned that this is a universal vaccination, so its application does not depend on the social security affiliation of the person, so you can go to the nearest vaccination point.