San Sebastián Del Oeste the Most Benefited Magical Town

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Significant tourism recovery in the state's pueblos magicos

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the magical towns of Jalisco have managed to achieve acceptable hotel occupancy rates and, in general, lodging occupancy rates. The General Directorate of Planning and Development of Tourism Products of the Jalisco Ministry of Tourism (Secturjal) reported that hotel occupancy during the summer season is estimated to have improved in the magical towns. For example, Mascota reported 57.75 percent occupancy; San Sebastián del Oeste, with 40.68 percent; Tequila, with 29 percent; Mazamitla, with 74.7 percent; and Tapalpa, with 48.71 percent. These last two mountain destinations-Mazamitla and Tapalpa-were the ones that registered significant increases with respect to 2020, as they rose 49.70 percent and 33.71 percent, respectively.

SAN SEBASTIÁN DEL OESTE, THE BEST Based on weekly reports from the municipal tourism directorates, the Secturjal's Coordination of Market Intelligence and Statistics estimates that of the occupancy percentages in the magical towns, San Sebastián del Oeste is the destination that shows a recovery to 2019 levels (40.68 percent). However, this Jalisco mountain municipality continues to improve, while Mazamitla is at around 75 percent of the percentages before the Covid-19 pandemic.

San Sebastián del Oeste is a mining town that had its best moments during the colonial days, when it reached 20,000 inhabitants. However, in the XIX century many of them left for other places, mainly due to the closing of the mines. An excellent way to reach San Sebastian del Oeste is through the new highway 70 Puerto Vallarta-Guadalajara. The town is located only 60 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta