Sea Turtle Nesting Season Kicks Off

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Playa del Holi will have an incubation pen for this endangered species.

With a call to care for and preserve the sea turtle, interim municipal president Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado symbolically planted a nest of this species in the incubation pen at Playa del Holli, officially kicking off the 2021-2022 season for this endangered species. In the presence of aldermen, municipal officials and federal authorities, associations and citizens in general, the mayor pointed out that this symbolic act seeks to create an awareness platform for the care not only of the turtles, but of all the flora and fauna of the municipality, since Puerto Vallarta must be distinguished not only for the kindness of its people, but also for the importance of taking care of our environment, with ecological groups.

He commented that the University of Guadalajara works together with ecological groups that take care of beaches, flora and fauna, through programs for the conservation and protection of sea turtles, which operate from Boca de Tomatlan to Boca de Tomates where 12,700 nests have been collected and 1.1 million eggs have been protected and 970,000 hatchlings have been released. The objective is to promote conservation actions, monitoring and surveillance of this species, so actions will be taken such as constant patrols in these areas where turtles lay their eggs, to inhibit egg theft and damage to the species. There will also be vigilance on beaches by Civil Protection and Firefighters who are monitoring the turtles that enter to lay their eggs and are protected to prevent them from being disturbed when depositing their eggs in the sand so that they are not stolen.

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