Seapal Reports 71 Million Pesos Investment

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To be used in public works and infrastructure rehabilitation.

With the objective of continuing to transform the quality of life of the population, SEAPAL Vallarta will close the year and start 2022 with a historic investment of more than 71 million pesos in public works and rehabilitation of potable water and drainage infrastructure. This was announced by the agency's director, Salvador Llamas Urbina, who stated that most of this package, consisting of 11 works, was awarded during the Simplified Summary Competition (CSS) process in December, following a session of the Public Works Award Committee, of which Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez was a member. Salvador Llamas also emphasized that, since the arrival of this administration, the indication of Profe has been to redouble efforts to carry out studies and projects to undertake the most priority actions for the Municipality and for the good of the people of Vallarta, both to continue with the rehabilitation of infrastructure and for the creation of new additions.

Rehabilitation Works: Among the infrastructure rehabilitation works, the replacement of a collector and a subcollector at the Cuale River crossing, on Constitución Street, between Encino and 5 de Febrero, and the replacement of the sanitary sewer system on Prolongación Invierno Street, between Atmósfera and Lázaro Cárdenas, stand out. Also noteworthy are the works for the replacement of several drinking water lines in: Pitillal river bank, from well 30 to interconnection with existing line; Naranjo street, at the Cuale river crossing to Galería 1; Cuale river crossing, between Felipe Ángeles street and Manantial Avenue; Cuale river crossing, from Galería 3 to Las Canoas neighborhood and Cuale river crossing, on Lázaro Cárdenas street and on Prolongación Invierno street.

Water Availability Recovery Works: In actions for the recovery of water availability, we list the reconstruction of Well 29 in the Playa Grande Municipal Agency; creation of a dam and protection of the Radial Well with gabions, in addition to emergency works on two fronts to open a channel to recover the flow of water to this supply source. In the same area, work will be carried out to equip, incorporate and interconnect well 5 Ixtapa to the agency's distribution network, including the expansion of the treated water network in interchange with the ejido of that delegation. In addition, a supply line for the drinking water network will be built on Gardenia Street. PALMAR DE ARAMARA The replacement of the entire sanitary sewage network in the Palmar de Aramara neighborhood and the replacement of meters in various neighborhoods of the municipality are part of other actions to renew the infrastructure that has reached its useful life. "It is a package of works and a historic investment that meets the needs and demands of Puerto Vallarta", Salvador Llamas stated.

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