Security Filters Installed In Puerto Vallarta As A Preventive Measure

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The mayor informed that three security filters were installed in the main accesses of the city, by the north entrance of the federal highway 200 in the cruise of Las Juntas; by the south entrance of the highway 200 at the height of Boca de Tomatlan, and by the highway 544, at the height of the entrance to the delegation of the Palms. He added that on October 31st an operation was carried out to inhibit the traditional Halloween celebration, to which the population was previously invited not to participate, through the different media, so fortunately the people answered the call and took shelter in their homes.

There were also operations in the city's cemeteries, which were kept closed on November 1 and 2, to avoid concentrations of people in the 7 municipal and 2 private cemeteries, where everything was under control, only minor incidents of people who managed to evade the surveillance to enter the cemeteries that do not have a perimeter fence. SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS Surveillance operations are maintained in public squares, sports units, recreation centers and shopping malls, also taking care that commercial establishments comply with these measures. He referred that the weekend he received the visit of the director of OPD Servicios de Salud Jalisco, Dr. Jesus Mendoza Lira, with whom he made a tour of the boardwalk and the commercial area of the city center, as well as the airport, to supervise compliance with the protocols and health measures in these establishments. The mayor explained that in addition to the three security filters at the entrances to the city, 9 filters were installed at the mouth of the boardwalk, from October 31st Street. 616 recommendations were made at bus stops, 108 at pantheons and 876 at the beach; in addition, 950 were issued to citizens, 38 prevention and surveillance support were provided, and 1,250 mouth covers were delivered, giving a total of 3,850 actions that were carried out in this operation. CLOSINGS On the part of the Inspection and Regulations, 8 closings were carried out, among these two taquerias, one bar, three restaurants, one mini-supermarket and one inn, "these are the results of the first days of this operation and we hope that this trend of support from all citizens to take care of us and break the chain of contagion in security and in our municipalities will continue," he said.