Shooting Leaves Two Officers Wounded and One on the Run

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The shooting occurred at the Attorney General's Office (FGR) in Vallarta, where two agents were wounded.

At least two agents of the Federal Police of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) were wounded after being shot at inside the facilities of the former PGR, located on Río Nilo Street in the Hermosa Provincia neighborhood, next to the church La Luz del Mundo. Unofficially it was reported that the assailant, identified as Fernando "N", was a detainee who managed to disarm one of the officers and then started shooting and fled the place. Personnel from the Mexican Red Cross and the Fire Department arrived at the scene to give first aid to the wounded. The two wounded were taken to the 42nd General Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), but their state of health is unknown at this time. The authorities maintained a cordon around the area and mounted a search operation to find the whereabouts of the perpetrator, who was reported to be armed.

This is the information we have so far, we will have to wait for the authorities to attend the case as soon as possible, to know in detail what happened. From this moment on, the pertinent investigations will be opened to punish the culprits, and a whole process of investigation will be carried out, so that those responsible for this attack on the facilities of the Public Prosecutor's Office will be arrested, for now they are fugitives from justice.