Spectacular Whale Watching In The Bay

Around The Bay
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The sightings have been registered from San Blas across the entire bay, according to biologists and tourists who stroll along the sea.


This year has been one of the luckiest that the bay has had with the incredible sighting of humpback whales, which have been seen very often as a consequence of the "La Niña" phenomenon. According to Astrid Frisch, biologist and director of the Agrupación Ecológica y Conservación de Ballenas A.C., the ocean waters are colder.

Due to the ocean currents derived from global warming, although it is difficult to determine, the fact is that Humpback whales have been observed in great numbers, from the San Blas strip to the Bay of Banderas, where tourists have observed whales with their calves, jumping every half hour. It is worth mentioning that the Pacific Ocean represents a place where whales come to have their calves.

Another important factor for the increase in whale watching is that due to the pandemic, there is less activity in the ocean; there are fewer boats because the cruises were suspended, and this is reflected in less noise for the cetaceans.

Biologist Astrid added that this is the reason why more whales have been seen and even incidents have occurred, such as the appearance of two dead whales on the beach of Marina Vallarta, as well as the presence of dolphins on the beaches of Punta de Mita.The cetaceans enjoy the tranquility of the bay, the current temperature of the water, and arrive in the region during the winter season to calve their babies.

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