Stop of Night Activities from Dec 25 to Jan 10 by Closing Bars and Clubs in PV

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Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, Governor of Jalisco, announced this Monday measures of containment regarding Covid-19, which imply the closing of non-essential activities at 7.pm; as well as the closing of squares and shopping centers on weekends, and the prohibition of end of year parties, among others. 


The measures, which were proposed to the economic reactivation table by the health board, begin on December 25 and end on January 10 of next year. 

"As we have always done in Jalisco, to take preventive measures on days when economic activity also drops. It is the most appropriate time to lower the intensity and prepare for the start of the year to have a new downward trend in the number of infections. The health board has made the decision to implement new containment measures to have better conditions to be able to analyze the possibility of the return to classes," emphasized the governor at the health board.

In Puerto Vallarta both tables determined the closure of clubs and bars from December 25 to January 10, while the New Year's celebrations in hotels, halls, and event terraces remain suspended. The activities that will be able to operate normally are hospital services and medical equipment, pharmacies, clinics, laboratories, veterinarians, convenience stores, and neighborhood commerce.

The industry, its logistic operation, the production of basic and perishable food, as well as the public and private security services, Civil Protection, basic services (water, light, energy, telecommunications), and postal and courier services, will operate normally. Also, gas stations, funeral services, public markets, cab and platform services, public transportation, parks, and urban forests will be able to operate normally. 


As far as social activities are concerned, it was determined that only meetings with a maximum capacity of 10 people can be held, with the recommendation that attendees be from a maximum of three different homes.