Storm Causes Landslide On Highway

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The fall of rocks, trees and earth blocked vehicular traffic for several hours.

The intense storm that fell during Saturday night and early Sunday morning softened part of the mountain on Federal Highway 200 towards Barra de Navidad.

According to Arnoldo Campos Valdovinos, director of the Municipal Unit of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Cabo Corrientes, the landslide occurred during the early hours of the morning on the southern highway, on the Tomatlan-El Tuito stretch, which caused the closure of the road for several hours.

He explained that due to the time of the landslide few motorists were affected while waiting for the removal of the debris, in charge of the Civil Protection personnel of Cabo Corrientes who had the support of their counterparts from Puerto Vallarta.

Thus, for more than six hours this important highway remained closed to vehicular traffic, although it was released early in the morning with no other damages reported.


At the same time, the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta informed that it attended in a timely manner to the damages caused by the rain early Sunday morning, which caused the closure of the highway 200 kilometers ahead of Boca de Tomatlan due to a landslide.

After a couple of hours of work by the personnel of the Civil Protection and Public Works departments, as well as the municipal road system, the traffic was reopened again.

The storm softened the soil of the mountain, causing the fall of stones and materials in both directions of the asphalt, so once the situation was known the work crews moved to that area to completely remove the landslide and ensure that it was safe for vehicles to transit this point of the road.