Storm in Marina Vallarta

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The port registered one of the strongest storms on Saturday Several cars were damaged.


Marina Vallarta is among the areas most affected by the floods caused by the intense rainfall from the weekend. Last Saturday one of the strongest downpours of the season was registered in Puerto Vallarta and although there were floods everywhere, like the Francisco Villa Avenue, it was in Marina Vallarta where the floods attracted a lot of attention. The water rose to a very high level on the main street of Marina Vallarta, at the entrance of the Whale sculpture. From the very beginning the storm came strong and in a matter of minutes the main street was completely flooded; the residents were surprised and it was possible to notice that they were not prepared for what they experienced on Saturday night, after 9 p.m., when the storm started, causing tourists and residents to pass by the place. Affections On Saturday night bars and restaurants were busy for the weekend and the downpour surprised everyone with the flooding in the Marina, where cars were stranded, branded cars like a BMW, which was left in the middle of the street without being able to move forward, even its occupants could not get out of the car, since the electrical system and computer stopped working, leaving the people locked up and without the authorities being able to provide help; other sports cars that, because of their level and design, their chassis is very close to the floor were covered.