The Activation Of The Emergency Button: It did Not Affect PV

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With the measures taken by Jalisco's authorities when they pressed the emergency button, due to the increase of cases of coronavirus in the municipalities of the state of Jalisco, the activities continued their normal rhythm, without suffering affectations in the tourist sectors, and if they decreased gradually this weekend the infections in this tourist destination.


 The real estate sector has been a clear example of the economic activation and of the growing development that continued to rise without suffering affectations. On the contrary, several important developments have been inaugurated such as the One & Only Mandarina complex located in Compostela, Nayarit, from which the first tourist guests were received this past Sunday, November 1st, as well as other important developments in Nuevo Vallarta.

 Hundreds of tourists have visited this destination since last weekend and more continue to arrive like this Monday where it could be appreciated in the different places like the Marina, the historical center and mainly in the Romantic Zone where Americans, Canadians and Mexicans walked through the streets of this area as well as its restaurants and cafes, like on its beaches. The tourists respected the measures imposed by the government authorities, as announced by Enrique Alfaro, governor of Jalisco. Some tourists commented to Vallarta Today that they did not cancel their flights and agreed with the measures imposed by the governor and arrived this Saturday on the Calgary-Puerto Vallarta flight, which comes from Calgary province of Alberta, Canada by the West Jet airline, The first one was a major Canadian airline that continued its normal operations since October 10th to this city without interrupting its flights and without any impediment, just like the North American airlines without any effects. On the contrary, this past Saturday there were about 8 planes on the platform of the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta, several of them from Alaska Airlines, West Jet and American Airlines among others. On the other hand Vallartenses stayed at home this weekend and did not celebrate Halloween like in other years and the stores kept all the costumes. This year there were no sales in the stores selling costumes alluding to this celebration.