The Easter Holiday in Puerto Vallarta Concluded

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With the conclusion of the Easter and Holy Week vacation season in Puerto Vallarta this Sunday, in general terms the effects were positive for the local tourism industry. 

The good results were reported in hotels, restaurants, and businesses after registering an important flow of  vacationers that allowed for an increase in occupancy and a rise in the city's economic revenue. The beaches presented a great affluence of tourists who chose to vacation in this tourist destination during the vacation period, in which a lot of activity was noticed in the sea such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, and swimming with dolphins. This holiday local, national, and foreign tourists visited the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, where measures against covid-19 were also maintained. Filters were placed by the authorities who did not allow tourists to enter the beach without first checking their temperature, as well as the application of antibacterial gel and the obligatory use of masks.

It was also observed that people were careful to respect the social distance between the umbrellas located on the beach. Beaches such as Palmares and Camarones, as well as Los Muertos beach, were the most visited by tourists. Vacationers seemed relaxed amidst the protocols and sanitary measures of prevention against the coronavirus, even though such measures included the closing of the beaches at 5:00. Civil Protection reported good results in the Easter Week operation on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta during the joint task of the three orders of government beginning on Sunday, March 28, and concluded this Sunday, April 11.