The Feline Has Already Been Captured

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An immediate search was carried out to catch the Bengal tiger that was walking on the Juanacatlan-Tapalpa highway.

To the astonishment of motorists, who were passing by the place where a Bengal tiger of great weight was seen, a series of measures were carried out that concluded with the capture of the famous feline, which flooded the social networks with images where it is seen prowling the area, which have gone around the world with such a great event, uncommon, to see an aggressive animal walking where people pass by and putting their lives at risk. Motorists traveling on the highway in the state of Jalisco, captured a huge Bengal tiger, which prowled around at kilometer 60 of the busy road. The images and videos on social networks have caused astonishment and admiration at the sight of the huge Bengal tiger at the foot of the road.

It was reported that residents of Tapalpa got a good scare, after having captured the Bengal tiger that was very quiet on the road of the municipality. On the Facebook page of Turismo Rural de Jalisco, several images were published where the Bengal tiger was seen and even alerted the rest of the citizens, since they assured that the animal was very aggressive. In other videos and photographs, the Bengal tiger is seen near a metal fence, which gives access to a property with a cobblestone road. According to local media, the tiger had escaped from a private property and it would not be the first time it has escaped. The state Secretary of Environment and Territorial Development reported that the Bengal tiger was captured.