This Time There Will Be No Halloween Celebration

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This was decided by the authorities due to the risk of an increase in covid infections.

It is very true that there is a more regulated control with covid-19 infections, but there could be an increase if hundreds and thousands of people congregate, as it has happened in previous years, that is why they ask citizens not to go to the Malecon on October 31st to celebrate Halloween. That is why the crowds continue to be a risk, especially for people who have not received any dose of the anti-covid-19 vaccine, and for minors, who have not been considered in this scheme, so the municipal authorities ask not to leave home that day and saturate the Malecon, so they have suspended celebrations and events on the occasion of the upcoming Halloween and Day of the Dead, this to avoid mass crowds. Ludwig Estrada Virgen, Municipal Director of Tourism, confirmed that it is important that children in costumes do not attend this celebration next week, which is Sunday, October 31st.

The municipal official commented that it is not desirable that there be crowds, he mentioned that the installation of altars of the dead, is to be analyzed in the city council, since the indication in the health sector, is to avoid massive crowds for children and un-vaccinated people, so we will have to wait. It is very important that we continue to take care of ourselves, that there are no crowds on the boardwalk, because there are still un-vaccinated people, we have to take care of children and young people who have not been vaccinated. In addition, we must also take care of the elderly since there have been many variants of covid that have been presented, such as the Delta variant, among others, said the official.