Thousands Of Users Are Left Without Internet

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The failure was due to a problem with the optical fiber

Users of social networks reported failures in the internet service of Telmex in several states of the country, such as Puebla, Querétaro and Mexico City. On Twitter, users asked the telephone company to resume service as soon as possible, since many are still in the home office and the failures affect their jobs. Five days into 2022, Telmex is already down for the first time this year, leaving Infinitum users without internet in Mexico, according to multiple reports from users on social networks.

The first reports began to appear around midday central Mexico time, and quickly the hashtag #Telmex became a trend on Twitter, as a result of the avalanche of complaints from affected users. According to a report from the app Fing, the Telmex service outage this Wednesday, January 5, 2022 is major, and mainly affected central Mexico. On the other hand, DownDetector showed, in addition to Telmex and Infinitum internet, the fall of other services such as WhatsApp and Facebook. However, it is likely to be a confusion between failures with the provider and the platforms. So far there is no official statement from Telmex for the situation, so it only remains to hope that the Infinitum internet service is restored as soon as possible. It is worth mentioning that the last time a similar situation occurred was in May 2021, when in addition to Telmex's internet service, several Google services also presented intermittencies