Tourist Is Attacked by Crocodile in Nayarit

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Brave youngsters rescue him from Flamingos beach in Nuevo Vallarta.

A foreign tourist who was swimming at Flamingos beach in Nuevo Vallarta, was surprised by a large crocodile, which was very close to where he was swimming, so the crocodile attacked him on his left leg, leaving several wounds on his skin. The tourist, who fortunately was accompanied by his family and friends, was rescued from the crocodile's clutches. And unable to do anything, his brave friends risked their lives confronting the crocodile that was clinging to take him to the sea. They stretched and stretched several times and fought against the crocodile, three people fought against the reptile, which was reluctant to let him go, until they managed to remove it from its snout, saving his life.

The man was taken to a private hospital in Puerto Vallarta, where he was urgently treated for his wounds. He was finally reported as stable and alive, as he was in severe pain due to the bites he received from the crocodile that attacked him while he was swimming at Flamingos beach in Nuevo Vallarta. Due to the storms that have occurred in that part of the region, it is normal to see a crocodile in the sea, and it is not safe to enter the ocean, after the rains that have caused water currents to connect with the sea and drag crocodiles, which are normally fresh water crocodiles and are now swimming in salty waters such as the ocean. It is important to follow the indications of the authorities in case of seeing a crocodile report it to 911, so that they can attend and transfer the crocodile to its natural habitat.