Tourists Prefer Puerto Vallarta for Vacations

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With the increasing arrival of tourists by air to Vallarta, the beaches are very crowded.

Due to the increasing number of tourists that are constantly arriving to Puerto Vallarta, we set ourselves the task of investigating what it is that they like most about Puerto Vallarta, that makes them travel from so far away just to be here, so we went to the airport and from there we moved to the “Playa Los Muertos", where we met tourists that were arriving by boat from a trip to the beaches of Quimixto, the arches of Mismaloya, Yelapa and Las Animas. Upon their arrival at the pier of the dead in Puerto Vallarta, we asked the North American tourists how their trip had been during the hours they spent at sea. They answered that they had had an unforgettable experience, very amusing above all, and that they had enjoyed swimming at the beaches, as well as enjoying an exquisite meal at a restaurant with a view of the sea.

tourists love vallarta 2

When we interviewed them, we asked them why they chose Puerto Vallarta for their vacations they answered, “we like it because it is a very beautiful city”, it has many places to visit, to go swimming, others commented; that it is a paradise and you can do outdoor activities such as the zipliner of the canopy river, as well as the ATVs or the all terrain vehicles on a ride to the mountains in Mismaloya. Others commented having enjoyed the view of the mountains from the arches of Mismaloya, seeing colorful fish in the reefs of the arches in Mismaloya and a lot of fun. Other places we frequented were the restaurants in the area and Marina Vallarta, where we observed a lot of activity in the yachts that make trips to the sea, as well as fishing. The restaurants in Marina Vallarta have a great demand of tourists, especially yesterday, when hundreds of foreign and national tourists arrived from Guadalajara, Jalisco and other parts of Mexico.

There was a very well known restaurant, “Sticky Fingers", one of the favorites of North Americans and Canadians who like to visit this place. However, yesterday we noticed some beautiful tourists from Jalisco, Those who were enjoying the food offered by the place, who told us that they flew in to stay at the Marina of Puerto Vallarta, which they like very much and they always choose Puerto Vallarta for their vacations, so they stay at Marina Vallarta.
Due to the increase in flight arrivals to the airport and other accesses either by sea or land, it is very noticeable, as it is reflected in observing tourists in all parts of the Port, so we noticed that most of the travelers arriving at the airport