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Trailer Overturns on Highway 200

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Accident on highway 200 will cause up to 4 hours of delay to people arriving to Puerto Vallarta.

One hour ago an accident occurred on highway 200 at kilometer 85, before reaching Compostela, from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta, due to a trailer that overturned and got stuck on the highway. As a result, people or tourists coming to Puerto Vallarta have had to wait for more than an hour on the highway waiting for the authorities to arrive and remove the property that does not allow the circulation of motorists, who are waiting to be able to continue on to their destination. However, several ambulances have arrived to the place to check on the people who were traveling in the trailer and the cars involved in the accident.

The people hope that the authorities will attend to this case as soon as possible since there are many hours of waiting in the sun in the high temperatures that are present these days, in addition to the fatigue of the long trip they are on and the lunch hour, in short, there are many factors that complicate the situation. It is worth mentioning that the trailer was carrying a double trailer which is crossed in the highway interrupting the passage of motorists who cannot pass due to the semi trailer that this driver was carrying, who unfortunately lost control of the unit and was left on the pavement of Highway 200. It is important to point out that it is not recommended to travel on this highway since it will take a long time to reach their destination and will only cause displeasure and waste of time.