Two Lifeless Whales Found in Marina Vallarta Beach

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Apparently they were stranded due to natural causes. Near the cetaceans there was a whale spotted, thought to be the mother of the two calves.


Recently two humpback whale calves were found on the beach of Marina Vallartam, but unfortunately they were already dead. The authorities of Puerto Vallarta came to the place to investigate the causes of death and to make sure the calves were returned to the sea. So, with the help of the 8th Naval Zone they managed to tow both bodies to the center of the bay, so that the cycle of decomposition of the bodies would continue in a natural way. 

The baby whales were 4 meters long and were located less than 500 meters from each other. Both of them were male and tentatively only a few days old, as they still had umbilical cord remains.

According to the Non-Governmental Organization for the Defense of Whales, Ecology and Conservation of Whales A.C. (ECOBAC), they did not present any type of scars or wounds, so it is assumed that they died of natural causes. They also carried out the stranding protocols, so they took measurements of the bodies and tissue samples and performed the necropsy of one of the calves.

Near the place, there was a surrounding adult whale, so it is presumed, according to the Defense Organization, that it is the mother. Which swam for several hours a few meters from the beach. It it is worth mentioning that this is the time when whales travel long distances throughout the Mexican Pacific to have their calves in the bay, so they most likely were very young.

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