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U.S. Embassy Donates Equipment to Puerto Vallarta Courthouse

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With a value of more than 5 million dollars, the equipment is equipped with technology to conduct digital hearings.

In Puerto Vallarta, Magistrate Daniel Espinosa Licon, President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Jalisco, visited this port to deliver communication equipment to the Criminal Court of Control and Oral Hearings District V111 of this city. He informed that this equipment represents an investment of more than 5 million dollars and will allow experts and victims, from wherever they are, to connect and conduct the hearing from their phone or computer. He mentioned that the equipment was donated by the U.S. Embassy and emphasized that this eliminates human contact, avoids transfers of inmates, and also saves costs and advances the issue of digital, effective and efficient justice, thanks to technology. "The planning and implementation has been part of a comprehensive process between the U.S. Embassy, the company Allutiq, and the responsible areas and staff of the Judiciary of the state of Jalisco to strengthen and consolidate a modern and transparent institution.

The objective is to make online trials, electronic notifications and subpoenas, telepresence hearings and the transition from paper to digital possible, and now the installation and training process is beginning. "This is how we manage to consolidate better work areas for a more effective and efficient justice, through the implementation of technology". After the delivery, installation and connection of the new equipment, the authorities carried out a successful test, having as witnesses the North American consul in Puerto Vallarta, connecting from this district whose offices are outside the Ixtapa delegation, with the magistrates of the First Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice located at Hidalgo 190, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.