Uber Will Provide Safety To Passengers

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Uber digital platform drivers will start to carry credentials for passenger safety. 


The Secretary of Transportation of Jalisco will require drivers of the private digital transportation platform Uber, in Puerto Vallarta, to use the identification credential of each of the drivers for passenger safety. 

Diego Monraz Villaseñor, Jalisco's Secretary of Transportation, informed that the issuance of badges is part of the Law of Mobility and Transportation of the State of Jalisco, in addition to the fact that this measure will offer the necessary safety guarantees for their daily transfers.

As part of the regulatory process of driver-partners who provide mobility services through technological applications before the Secretary of Transportation of the Jalisco State Government, from January 20 to February 3 of this year, the period of issuance of badges for driver-partners who use the Uber application in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta will take place. 

This was informed by the private digital transportation platform itself through a statement issued last weekend. The document states that "with this issuance of badges we continue to comply with the provisions of the Law of Mobility and Transportation of the state of Jalisco, in addition to providing those who decide to move in transportation services and the same drivers the necessary security guarantees for their daily transfers, we reiterate with this process our ongoing commitment to safety, health, and mobility of the state," said Diego Monraz Villaseñor, Secretary of Transportation of the government of Jalisco.

 Uber technologies Inc. is a U.S. company that provides its customers internationally with chauffeur-driven transportation vehicles through its mobile application software. Uber is the leading provider of transportation services through an application and due to its great expansion throughout the world it arrived in Latin America in 2013, and Mexico in the same year, in Puerto Vallarta operates since June 2017.