Vallarta Hotels At Full Capacity This Weekend

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Hundreds of tourists are expected to arrive this long weekend

Puerto Vallarta's hotel sector will be very close to full during the "long weekend" that begins this Friday and concludes next Monday, March 21, on the occasion of Benito Juarez's birthday. The head of the Municipal Tourism and Economic Development Department, Ludwig Estrada Virgen, confirmed that the general average occupancy rate in Puerto Vallarta's hotels will be 90 percent, although there will be hotels that will be at 100 percent capacity. He explained that occupancy is rising to these levels due to a favorable combination of tourism arrivals.

This is due to the fact that the arrival of national vacationers for the long weekend coincides with the presence of American tourism that is here as part of the winter season. Thus, as of today, a greater arrival of tourists is expected to take advantage of this long weekend or long weekend corresponding to the month of March. For this reason, hoteliers, businessmen and authorities have excellent expectations and in some way it will serve as a thermometer for what is to come during the Holy Week and Easter vacation period, during the month of April.

It should be noted that since Friday, tourists began to arrive by air, as well as motorists from different parts of the Republic, so the beaches have been very busy, as well as bars and restaurants. Long lines at ATMs, shopping malls and entertainment centers. This will undoubtedly represent a great economic benefit for Puerto Vallarta.