Vallarta Is Back on Its Feet

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The results show that the Port has achieved its economic and touristic recovery

Although it would have seemed impossible due to the tremendous tourist crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the government never stopped betting on its recovery, which has been taking place in a gradual and very positive way, with an intense work agenda with ups and downs, which were presented in the world during this entire period. Puerto Vallarta managed to get ahead once again in its recovery process. More than a year and a half after the health crisis caused by Covid-19, Puerto Vallarta is on its feet and in full economic and tourist recovery, assured the interim municipal president, Jorge Quintero Alvarado, in his recent activity report. He indicated that in 2020, the pandemic stopped in its tracks the growth leadership that the destination had maintained at state level and placed it surprisingly in a scenario of low tourist occupancy, business closures and job losses.

He referred that after a year of providing all kinds of support to the citizens affected by this contingency, the Municipal Health Board was implemented with the private initiative and civil society, to reinforce health actions and the tranquility of visitors. He recalled that since 2015, Puerto Vallarta experienced one of the best moments in its history and this government focused on contributing to create the conditions to continue growing. This made it possible to achieve historic figures in private investment and national and international tourism arrivals with occupancy of up to 100 percent, with more jobs and better quality of life for families.