Vallarta, Today a Municipality With Order and in Positive Growth

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Sixth municipal government report

While delivering his sixth government report, Acting Mayor Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado emphasized that thanks to the work of a great team that from day one showed its commitment to this city and brought together the different social and economic sectors, today Puerto Vallarta is a municipality with order, prosperous and in frank growth, which shows that it is possible to do things differently and respond to the trust of its citizens.
He emphasized that in these 6 years important advances have been made in the areas of human rights, inclusion, tourism, public services, security, social programs, sports, culture, education, public works, environment and animal welfare, surpassing by far what was originally planned and being a reference in several of these areas.

He specified that these results will remain engraved in the history of Puerto Vallarta, as a result of the joint effort, and the vision and capacity for service that the licensed municipal president, Arturo Dávalos Peña, as well as the councilmen of the city council, who worked leaving aside their own interests, with an attitude of respect and always contributing to the wellbeing of their municipality, which made it possible to advance in the updating of many regulations and to make important decisions for the destination.

RECOVERING GREATNESS Jorge Quintero emphasized that in spite of the state in which the municipality was received 6 years ago, and far from finding fault, we worked to recover Puerto Vallarta's greatness, having as a central axis the citizens who with their participation, strengthened the actions of this government, which allowed us to achieve healthy finances by paying close to 45 percent of the more than one billion pesos of debt inherited by the past administrations, which allowed us to pay off almost 45 percent of the more than one billion pesos of debt inherited by the past administrations. of debt inherited from past administrations.

"We will deliver a municipality with healthy finances, orderly and with a vision for the future," he said. In addition, the payment of workers' debts was made, some of them dismissed since 1997, besides paying debts to suppliers, FONACOT, SAT, among others; and instead of selling land or streets, this City Hall recovered more than 34 hectares of Vallarta's patrimony and regularized 22 neighborhoods, giving legal certainty to an important number of families. He also informed of the progress made in the area of security, maintaining Puerto Vallarta among the safest cities in Mexico during these six years, acquiring more equipment and patrols, building a new police station and setting up specialized units for the attention to domestic violence and animal welfare. The Civil Protection area was also provided with more equipment, ambulances, trucks and boats were acquired for emergency services, and the regulations on this matter were updated. MUNICIPAL SEAPAL Likewise, after a long battle, Seapal Vallarta recovered the Potable Water and Sewage Service for the people of Vallarta, which with a correct application of its resources and with austerity, has allowed the historical investment of 216 million pesos for the rehabilitation of infrastructure. Public services were transformed by recovering the garbage concession that was in the hands of a private company, the construction of a transfer zone to improve collection, the construction of a new slaughterhouse, the purchase of equipment and machinery, and the change of lighting in streets and the city's boardwalk.

The construction of new spaces such as the El Pitillal Cultural Center and the generation of activities brought culture closer to the neighborhoods. In sports, infrastructure was strengthened with historic works such as the new athletics track, the remodeling of the auditorium, soccer fields, basketball, volleyball, frontenis, the boxing gym, among others, in addition to the support provided to Vallarta's athletes through scholarships and other support.
The interim mayor also recalled that in terms of public works, thanks to the three levels of government, the backlog in infrastructure was reduced with more than one billion pesos of investment focused on improving the connectivity of the municipality and the generation of infrastructure to improve the quality of life of citizens, making possible the development of more than 350 works.

SOCIAL PROGRAMS With social programs, this administration focused on the education of children and young people with the backpack, school supplies, uniforms and shoes programs, school insurance against accidents, the support program for more than 30 thousand families to improve their homes, among others. In six years, more than 75 percent of households have benefited from some social scheme. Mechanisms and instruments were created to give women access to a life free of violence, as well as in the fight against homophobia and respect for human rights, being the first government to accept all the recommendations of the State Human Rights Commission in Jalisco.