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Vanessa Bryant Enjoying Vallarta

Around The Bay
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The widow of former basketball player Kobe Bryant was seen with her family vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.

Daughters Natalia, Bianca and Capri Bryant were seen at the pool of the hotel where they are staying, this after Vanessa Bryant uploaded a video in which she shows her three daughters enjoying the sunset. In the video you can see some of the images of her with her younger daughters, and the bay can be seen in the background. There are also images of the road, at the foot of the mountain and by the sea, where Vanessa drives a bicycle with her little daughter sitting behind a special compartment, both protected by a compact car traveling at low speed.

These images were released this Tuesday, August 17th, where Vanessa and her three daughters can be seen smiling, having fun and enjoying their stay in Puerto Vallarta. Kobe Bryant, 42 years old and former player of the Los Angeles Lakers, died in a helicopter accident in which he was accompanied by his 13 year old daughter Guianna and seven other people. Puerto Vallarta is a magnet for celebrities who like to vacation on the beaches of this tourist destination, where they find a place to rest and enjoy outdoor activities, in a safe place, and where they can have privacy without the pressure of fans as it happens in their country. Besides being considered a friendly city, and where there are currently strict security measures against covid. At the moment Puerto Vallarta is receiving a great number of North American travelers who are looking forward to vacationing in the beaches of the Mexican Pacific.