Water Will Go Up

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The increase will be three percent bimonthly

Water will go up eight pesos more on a bimonthly basis if consumption is from 0 to 20 cubic meters; or 15 pesos more for use of 40 cubic meters or more.
In order to comply with what was approved last August by SEAPAL Vallarta's previous Board of Directors, as of January 2022 there will be a 3% adjustment in the potable water, drainage and sanitation rates for the three classifications of users (domestic, commercial and industrial). This adjustment, which was previously endorsed by the Tariff Council, also from the previous administration, presents an increase below the annual inflation, as well as the formula for updating fees and rates, which is set at 6%, according to the increase in the last year in inputs such as electricity, fuels, lubricants, chemicals, materials and operating expenses in general. Therefore, the additional investments, that is, the other 3%, will be absorbed by the agency, in order to contribute to the family economy and the productive sectors of the destination. Thus, domestic users who currently consume the minimum rate range, which includes 0 to 20 cubic meters, will pay 247 pesos, that is, 8 pesos more, or 13 cents per day more than the current rate.

Likewise, users who consume 40 cubic meters bimonthly, which can be considered a high consumption for a family of 4 members, will pay 528 pesos, which represents 15 pesos more or 25 cents per day more than the current rate. It should be noted that there will be no increase for the domestic, commercial or industrial sectors for each administrative movement, suspension, violation of reductions, cancellation of service or removal of the meter, among others, with respect to the year 2021. In the contracting of services for the domestic, commercial or industrial use sectors there will be no increase, only the update of the price of materials in case it is required.

Daily Attention: The agency will continue working on all its fronts as usual during these days, with the exception of Friday, December 31, when attention to users and collection centers will be from 8:30 to 11:00 AM and the Aguamaticos service until 2:00 in the afternoon. Special attention is given to technical and operational matters, especially in the production and distribution processes of the vital liquid, as well as in the certified quality of the water provided for human consumption, both in neighborhoods and in the hotel and commercial areas of the port. The water supply services in pipes and Aguamaticos also continue to provide free service to the population that needs it most, while SEAPAL's network of ATMs receives payments from users at its 8 locations, 24 hours a day. To give prompt attention to incidents that occur in the infrastructure of drinking water and drainage, the telephone number 073 receives reports 24 hours a day, while the WhatsApp mobile application on the number 322 105 8226, does so with a schedule of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm.