We Will Deliver a Municipality With Healthy and Orderly Finances

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Jorge Quintero stated in his government report.

He pointed out that under an adverse scenario, he presents a very positive balance by reducing the public debt, paying debts and suppliers.

In spite of the way the government was received with a debt of close to one billion pesos and paralysis in all services, the current municipal administration headed by Jorge Quintero Alvarado, will leave a municipality with healthy and orderly finances, affirmed the interim mayor when he presented his sixth report of activities last Friday. Paraphrasing the municipal president, on leave, he said that "we did not kick the can like others, we were responsible and sought to solve the problems so as not to inherit them, because at the center of all our decisions have always been the citizens, we could not think of changing history if we did not lay the foundations of order and responsibility," he said. He added that we sought to generate the conditions to work in harmony with all sectors of society, on the same path, with the same objective and in a single effort, managing to maintain for 5 years a tourist destination with investment, employment and occupancies of up to 100 percent "and that is not achieved by luck, it is achieved with strategy and teamwork, only that way we get very far," said the mayor. He added that under an adverse scenario, he presents a very positive balance of this government, by managing to generate agreements with the businessmen who gave him their trust to work together for the good of the people of Vallarta. In this context, he pointed out that from the first day of this government, order was put in the administration and management of public finances, decisively facing the past and understanding that they were elected to solve and not to inherit pro-logans. "We received more than one billion pesos, of debt, in a historic achievement we have paid about 45% of that debt.

Even with this adverse scenario, we achieved great results, but imagine all that we would have achieved in public works, security, education, social programs," he said. He emphasized that among the most important things was the payment of the workers who were dismissed in past administrations, some of them since 1997; also the recovery of the concession of the company Proactiva and the debts to FONACOT. Likewise, instead of selling land or streets, more than 14 hectares were recovered to the patrimony of Vallarta residents and 22 neighborhoods were regularized, providing legal certainty to the patrimony of thousands of families". "We recovered the trust of the people, year after year the collection grew, because the citizens saw their taxes reflected in works and in their streets and neighborhoods, the objective is that the past will not again be an obstacle for the future of our municipality". Quintero Alvarado emphasized that in a responsible manner he is handing over a municipality with sound finances, orderly and with a vision for the future.