Whale Released Near Banderas Bay

Around The Bay
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The rescue maneuvers lasted approximately three hours. The whale was seen by Marines from the Eighth Naval Zone who reported the Raben sighting.

After 12 days since she was first seen entangled in a net with buoys in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, a humpback whale was released near the Bay of Flags. This was possible thanks to the great work done by the members of the National Network of Attention to
Enmeshed Whales (Raben), from Banderas Bay, who after 3 hours of hard work managed to remove the net that made it difficult for the young whale to breathe and swim. The situation presented by the whales was that the ropes around it were very tight and starting to become incarnate in their skin; two ropes passed over their spiracle, which made the maneuvers difficult. In addition to the caudal peduncle, it was hanging more out
with something heavier that could not be removed... the poor visibility did not allow for more details to be seen either. It was so heavy that the whale could hardly come up to the surface to breathe and swam with its pectoral fins. After three hours of hard work it was completely released. What it had dragged along unfortunately went to the bottom of the sea" explained Raben's members. They emphasized that the released humpback whale began to swim and breathe normally. Thanks to the collaboration of the Eighth Naval Zone of Puerto Vallarta and the Conapesca who reported the sighting of the whale this past Tuesday, January 5th and waited for Raben to arrive so as not to lose sight of the cetacean.