White Bicycles are Placed in Vallarta

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In memory of deceased cyclists

The Citizen Mobility Council of Puerto Vallarta announced that last Saturday two more white bicycles were placed in the city as a tribute to the cyclists who died in 2020 and 2021. The Canadian cyclist known as Jim died in November 2020 when he was run over by a driver at the intersection of Avenida Rodriguez Barba and Lago Titicaca, while Fernando Cervantes, the other cyclist died on December 8, 2021 at the corner of Avenida Los Tules and Rio Nilo in Fluvial Vallarta. The white bicycles or ghost bicycles are installed wherever a cyclist dies as a victim of a traffic accident. A call for attention to the authorities and a reflection of the great problems that beset society in terms of lack of appropriate infrastructure for transit, development of a road culture of respect but above all of peaceful coexistence. With this activity the Citizen Mobility Council of Puerto Vallarta joins with a dozen organizations throughout Mexico to the National Day #24hXMovilidadSegura 2022.

The Vallarta and Badebadense community was invited to attend last Saturday at 4:30 pm with their bicycles in good condition, helmet and lights to the meeting point at the whale of Marina Vallarta from where the contingent with the white bicycles left to the points where they were placed. People who did not have bicycles were invited to come behind the group with their cars to show their support for this cause. They pedaled through the city together with more than a dozen organizations nationwide to raise awareness about ##NoMasMuertesViales #RespetoAlCiclista. #NiUnaBiciBiciBlancaMas. The meeting point was Marina Vallarta, during the ride they were placing 2 white bicycles to honor the lives of Jim and Fernando, cyclist fatal victims in 2020 and 2021. "We want a city where our lives are respected regardless of the means of transportation we choose and this is an excellent opportunity to remember that we are all pedestrians and we all want to return home, we want safer streets for everyone," said Gabriela Velasco, president of the Citizen Mobility Council of Puerto Vallarta

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