Woman Freaks Out When Driver Says She's Going Downtown

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In response to this, she made a scandal with the passengers threatening the bus driver.

On Saturday afternoon a woman with a broad complexion, who boarded the bus on her way to downtown Puerto Vallarta, went crazy when the driver said he was going downtown and not to the tunnel. The woman, who was wearing a hotel uniform, probably a waitress of the place, went crazy and took her cell phone and threatened the driver to report him if he did not drive towards the tunnel, This situation came into conflict with the problematic woman who assaulted the driver and with bad words and arrogance made the driver who had the route to downtown marked, where many people were waiting to take the bus, had to wait for long hours to go home, since in this situation, the driver had to change his route to the tunnel, doing it in a brutal way at the level of the Sheraton Hotel to join the Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue and then take the libramiento avenue.

This caused people to wait for long hours to catch the bus that would take them back home. The hysterical and arrogant woman hotel employee, who burst into screams and threats in front of passengers and tourists, was ordered to leave the bus, so she took her cell phone and threatened the driver to call the media and make a scandal. Before the gaze of tourists and residents, the driver had no choice but to try to get her off, but she threatened to get into the truck and he had to agree and drive down the road towards the tunnel. The woman demanded her money back $10 pesos, to which the driver responded that he did not have access to the cash box where the money was deposited and the woman got up from the place and went to attack him, she was too upset, and threatened to speak to the media, who by the way did not answer her to attend to such whims, later this media was informed by a passenger who was traveling in the same truck, who detailed what happened.