Women Of Puerto Vallarta Demand Respect And A Stop To Violence

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This happened during the commemoration of the International Women's Day in Puerto Vallarta.

The nearly 600 women of Puerto Vallarta who participated in the march demonstration this Tuesday demanded respect for their decisions, gender equality and a stop to violence and harassment against women. Within the framework of International Women's Day, this group of women between 18 and 25 years old were accompanied by some men, boys and girls from Puerto Vallarta. The contingent walked along Francisco Medina Ascencio and Mexico Avenues -without interrupting vehicular traffic- until they reached the city's Malecon and from there the march-demonstration concentrated at the Aquiles Serdan open air theater, better known as the Malecon Arches. There, several women shouted slogans, in addition to displaying banners and placards to demand total respect for their decisions, a stop to the violence against them, and a halt to the violence against them. The 600 women gathered there also demanded their struggle for gender equity, equality in society and justice in cases of femicides, disappearances and aggressions against women in different areas.

The purpose of the march-demonstration is to highlight their causes such as the struggle for gender equality, equality in society and justice in cases of femicides, disappearances and assaults against women in different areas.

This contingent of women walked escorted by patrol cars and elements of the Directorate of Citizen Security of Puerto Vallarta, after the nearly 600 women had respected order at all times.

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