Work In Las Juntas Could Cause Heavy Traffic

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Municipal authorities prepare alternate routes

Work begins this May 5 on Highway 200 . Municipal government authorities have designed alternate vehicle routes that will be used during the construction of the northern storm drainage system in the Las Juntas district, near Highway 200, a project that will begin next Thursday, May 5.

In a work meeting, the director of Public Works, Elihu Sanchez Rodriguez, explained to personnel from the Traffic and Roads Department and the director of Social Development, Ana Noelia Zepeda Garcia, that this is a priority project that will put an end to flooding problems that have been present for three decades and that the municipal administration decided to carry out in order to provide a solution to the citizens.

She explained that in order to carry out this important work, it will be necessary to close a short stretch of Highway 200, at the exit from south to north (between a car dealership and the gas station) for which there will be alternate routes that will help reduce the impact.


In the first instance, vehicles traveling from south to north will be able to continue their way to the Ameca Bridge in a wide lane, parallel to Highway 200, and the vehicles will rejoin the highway a few meters ahead of the construction site.

The second option will be to leave the Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio, along Joaquin Amaro Street (at the height of the welcome letters to Puerto Vallarta), turn left on Jose Ma. Pino Suarez Street, until joining Highway 200 a few meters from the headquarters of the Puerto Vallarta National Guard Station.

The official reiterated his call for the citizens' understanding because the works will generate a heavy vehicular load for some weeks, but once concluded they will give peace of mind to a great number of Las Juntas residents.

It is worth mentioning that there will be a permanent presence of Municipal Road agents in this area, who will guide motorists on the alternate routes, as well as to give agility to the passage of vehicles.

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