Zona Romantica Will Be Monitored Against Child Sexual Exploitation

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The Romantic Zone, the main area where this activity against minors takes place, will be watched over

With the objective of stopping this sexual activity against minors, the specialized committee of "Trafficking in Women" will take actions to stop this crime, in which Puerto Vallarta becomes the first municipality with a specialized unit for the protection of minors, as informed by Jose Roberto Ramos Vazquez, director of this organism. In a meeting with the Social Prosecutor of Jalisco, the personnel of the System for the Integral Development of the Family was trained and the "Committee for the Trafficking of Women" was installed with the objective of preventing this crime. Roberto Ramos informed that they are looking to work with a surveillance project, which will operate beyond the Christmas holidays, and will last until Easter week.

It will be a joint effort with the Municipal Government agencies, to be able to operate it during the Christmas holidays as well as for "Semana Santa", not only for December and January, which would be through the Regulations, but also through Human Rights, the DIF System and other agencies. In this sense the official pointed out that sexual exploitation and child labor is a task that is the responsibility of several agencies and that in Puerto Vallarta it is focused on the Romantic Zone where approximately one hundred minors have been detected in order to institutionalize them in case they are found alone. The great part of these children that are being used for these activities are in the Romantic Zone, there are approximately 100 to 150 children that carry out these activities. The children sell gum or handicrafts with their parents, and through the DIF delegation and the Public Safety and Regulations Unit we have gone to accompany the children and remove them from this situation, they have been taken to shelters to protect them until their situation with their families.