Due To Overbooking, Westin Will Be Closed To The Public For One Month.

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Westin Regina can no longer sell.

The hotel Resort and Spa, Westin Regina is characterized by its high quality service, leading the company to the success that every business can aspire to, and has been so successful that the Hotel has overbooked its rooms, at this moment, at 100% occupancy has decided to close its doors to the public for a month, arguing that there is not a single room available.

However, security elements informed that there will be a lot of important activity during these days, as the Westin Hotel will be hosting celebrities during May, which will attract the attention of the general public. In order to avoid drawing the attention of the media and to continue offering a quality service to all its guests, the hotel has taken extensive security measures.

These security measures will end in the first days of June, so it is also expected that operations to the general public will be normalized.

The front desk informed that the hotel is planning to remodel to offer better services and these improvements will be carried out by the end of May.

With this, the Hotel will open its doors with changes in decoration and expansion of services for the general public.

May is a good month for tourism, there is still no rain, the sun is wonderful and life at the sea is perceived with emotions of joy, celebration, peace, tranquility, rest, calm and relaxation.