Fourth Job Fair 2023 Is Ready.

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Seeking employees for all businesses.

Authorities of the Ministry of Tourism and Economic Development have scheduled the Fourth Job Fair 2024. It will be held on Tuesday May 16 and Wednesday May 17 at the Plaza del Pitillal.

The Municipal Government invites all those interested in looking for work to participate in this fair that will offer more than 1000 jobs, mostly in the tourism sector. This fourth edition adds to the struggle to replace those spaces left by employees who left the hotel industry since the COVID 19 pandemic, a problem that has reshaped the way of life of the people of Vallarta, which is why there are so many offers in the hotel industry.

Let's hope that this time they offer better salaries and better benefits that would encourage Vallartenses to take one of the jobs offered by employers.

The work that is done in exchange for money is a simple job, but today citizens are looking for the realization of their dreams, that is why there is such a lack of laborers, cleaning workers, waiters, maids, waiters, waitresses, garroteros, etcetera. People are looking for a better job, but also a better valuation for their time, effort and dedication.

The Fair will be held along the Plaza del Pitillal from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm where job applications will be received from the hundreds of people interested in working, and the necessary information will also be given, as well as orientation to achieve a desired position.