Hotel Canto Del Sol Receives 12 H Distinctions

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Outstanding presentation and food hygiene at the winning hotel.

The Hotel Canto del Sol was awarded 12 H distinctions by the General Directorate of Beach Tourism, under the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco. These accolades were received by employees of the Hotel Canto del Sol. The H distinctions are recognitions granted to different food and beverage establishments for the quality of their offerings.

These were the latest 12 distinctions awarded this year, making a total of 104 H distinctions given in Puerto Vallarta. Consequently, this year, 12 companies received these recognitions, contributing to positioning Puerto Vallarta as a top-tier tourist destination that offers high-quality services and products, ideal for international tourism.

The award ceremony for these distinctions took place on Wednesday at the facilities of Hotel Canto del Sol Plaza Vallarta, acknowledging their compliance with the highest standards of quality and hygiene mandated by legal regulations.

It is the dedication of the workers that makes it possible to achieve such significant milestones for tourism service companies. The hotel or restaurant alone couldn’t secure such an award; the active involvement of the workers is essential to strictly adhere to the norms, constructing a top-notch service through training and improvement strategies.

The H distinctions are entirely preventive, aiming to ensure early detection of any contamination that might lead to foodborne illnesses. This program involves a series of training sessions covering 80% of the operational staff and 100% of the middle and upper management. The training is overseen by a certified consultant with expertise in the chemical, medical, and biological field, and the imparted knowledge follows guidelines set by a panel of subject matter experts.

Congratulations to Rosario Canales, Resident Manager of Hotel Canto del Sol, for this triumph, and to all the workers who helped position their workplace as an exemplary model of camaraderie and teamwork.

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