Hotel Marsol Cancelled Due to Non-Compliance With Regulations

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With a debt in excess of 3 million pesos

The Puerto Vallarta Potable Water, Drainage and Sewerage System (Seapal) is moving forward with its campaign to invite users who are in arrears with the agency to become current, especially those in the industrial and commercial sectors. In this context, following up on the third collection management notification and notice of cancellation of the sewage service supply to Hotel Marsol, S.A. de C. V. made last Friday, October 8, Seapal personnel went again this Friday, October 15, to the establishment located in the Romantic Zone, due to the omission in the payment requirement. The personnel of the Wastewater Collection and Billing and Collection departments proceeded to suspend the sanitary sewer service, based on Article 95, Sections I, II and III of the Fees and Tariffs of the previously mentioned services and Article 90, Section IV of the State Water Law.

It should be noted that the last payment of the contract in question by said user dates back to July 2, 2004, accumulating a debt in excess of 3 million pesos after 17 years of omissions in his responsibilities with the institution. To date, dozens of notices have been delivered to hotels, lodging centers and condominiums, whose debts with the agency total 24 million 493 thousand 915 pesos. Nevertheless, many of these users belonging to the industrial sector have already approached the agency to regularize their debts or, if necessary, to reach an agreement. With these actions Seapal Vallarta complies with the instruction of the municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, to be an organization close to all sectors of society, but also, and in accordance with the mayor's convictions, the current administration of Seapal, headed by Salvador Llamas Urbina, will not allow under any circumstances acts of corruption, cronyism or cronyism that may be detrimental to the interests of the institution or the people of Vallarta.